Welcome to Indie Pub Intensive!

We offer small group classes and individual coaching for indie authors and publishers, from the basics to the big leagues — including Mailing List Expert,  Your Best Launch, and Ads That Work.

My name is Tammi Labrecque, and I’m an indie author, editor, and publisher. My superpower is knowing everything … or knowing someone who knows it. (Well, that and not getting cold, but I haven’t found a way to use that in the indie publishing experience. Yet.).

I’ve provided instruction and coaching on all aspects of writing and indie publishing, from concept to launch to ongoing marketing to revitalizing backlist titles—for individuals and for groups as large as 50 people. Now I want to bring my knowledge and skills to some very focused topics in small intensive groups.

Signups open periodically, depending on time and availability. Check out the FAQ, or fill out the form at the right (or, on mobile, the form below) to be notified when it’s time to register!