Indie Pub Intensive currently offers two classes for beginner and near-beginner indie authors: Your Best Launch and Ads That Work; and one class for authors at all levels: Mailing List Expert.

All classes last four weeks and include:

  • weekly group video calls with instruction, Q&A, and brainstorming
  • worksheets and printables to help you take action on the concepts you learn
  • weekly one-one-one video calls to figure out your specific needs and brainstorm your specific solutions
  • occasional guest appearances by other instructors and experts
  • forever access to a forum of graduates just like you — the success stories of tomorrow, who will share tips and tricks as they get bigger and better

Click on a class below to get more specific details and see what it’s all about!

Mailing List Expert
March 2018

Your Best Launch
April 2018

Ads That Work
May 2018