Mailing List Expert

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Mailing List Expert is a comprehensive course designed to teach you how to build and maintain a strongly engaged email list — one full of actual fans willing to pay for the books you write, rather than free-seekers who will forget your name and never open your emails. We’ll dig down into the nitty-gritty of open rates, click rates, engagement, spam/promotion filters … and build solutions that work for you.

Mailing List Expert covers the basics, the next level, and some advanced and innovative methods. Any indie author, at any stage of the game, will learn something here. Take Mailing List Expert when you’re building a list, want to grow your existing list, or find yourself frustrated with your list’s performance. And even if you’ve come a long way on your indie author journey, don’t think you won’t learn new things even in the Basics section; you will!

Mailing List Expert lasts four weeks. Each week includes:
– an overall topic presentation
– a video call (small group or full class)
– individual call with me
– printables outline and interactive collaborative pinboard

(Syllabus subject to change based on feedback from ongoing courses.)

Week One – Basics

  • Topic: The Foundations
  • Video call: Full-class discussion of the things you need to decide before building (or rebuilding) your email list.
  • Individual call: Analyze your current situation and decide on goals. We’ll talk about your perfect list, your ideal subscriber, and how you want to engage; then we’ll choose a provider if you don’t have one, or consider switching if your current provider isn’t meeting your needs.

Week Two – Construction

  • Topic: Setup, autoresponders/automation/onboarding, what you’re really selling (ProTip: it’s not books)
  • Video call: Full-class discussion of strategies for getting those first subscribers or reorienting existing ones, and how to acclimate new subscribers — even when you only have a few
  • Individual call: Plan out your individual onboarding and welcome emails/sequences.

Week Three – Engagement

  • Topic: How to keep growing your list with quality subscribers — ethically and sustainably
  • Video call: Full class discussion on the various list-growing methods, which work best in which situations, and why? How will you keep subscribers engaged going forward, and what will you do with subscribers who stop engaging?
  • Individual call: Make your individual plan for continued growth and killer engagement.

Week Four – Maintenance

  • Topic: “What the hell am I supposed to talk to these people about every week/month/whatever?” (I feel you. I do.)
  • Video call: Full-class discussion of subject lines, what we mean by “value” and “quality content” and how to keep engaging and re-engaging every subscriber, every time.
  • Individual call: Plan out your first several emails, and decide how you will sustain the level of engagement you’ve chosen.

And all graduates get forever access to a forum of indie authors just like you — the success stories of tomorrow, who will share tips and tricks as they get bigger and better!

We are currently enrolling the August session of Mailing List Expert. Click here to sign up!

What are people saying about Mailing List Expert?

“I could tell you how terrible I was at email and how this course changed my whole approach. Or how my list doubled in size in the space of a few weeks, along with open and click rates. Instead I’ll say this: email is fun again.”
-David Gaughran, nonfiction and historical fiction author

“The Indie Pub Intensive Mailing List Expert class was a game-changer for me. I learned how to find my readers, how to connect with them, and how to build an authentic, lasting author/reader relationship. I have increased my mailing list and I have the tools to handle it as my list expands in the future. This class was worth every cent.”
-Julie Strauss, romance author

“I thank my lucky stars for this class. Everything I am doing is now working. I understand the rationale behind the process, and not just a scattershot do this, then this, then this. I have a workflow, and I feel like I understand it. I think the best advice for me from the class was the process (actual admin in the service used), as well as the actual words used when re-engaging a dormant list.”
-Corinne O’Flynn, fantasy and supernatural suspense author