Your Best Launch

Your Best Launch is the beginner or near-beginner learning experience you need to give your book its best chance of success when you hit that Publish button.

Before signing up for Your Best Launch, it’s best to have a completed, professionally edited manuscript, and a professionally designed cover. Launch strategies change constantly. Take Your Best Launch as close as possible to your intended Publish date — but don’t try to launch concurrently with the class. You’ll want to finish all four weeks before your launch.

Your Best Launch lasts four weeks. Each week includes:
– an overall topic presentation
– a video call (small group or full class)
– individual call with me
– worksheets and printables

(Syllabus subject to change based on feedback from ongoing courses.)

Week One – Leadup

  • Topic: What has to be in place to set you up for a successful launch?
  • Video call: Full-class discussion of must-haves before you start planning
  • Individual call: Is your book ready?

Week Two – Locked and Loaded

  • Topic: How to create a launch plan
  • Video call: Small-group video calls to brainstorm individual plans.
  • Individual call: Evaluation of your launch plan.

Week Three – Pushing the Button

  • Topic: The actual mechanics of launching on each of the retailers — how to, whether to, and why.
  • Video call: Full class – overview of what happens to your book in each store and how to maximize those crucial first few days.
  • Individual call: Walkthrough of the dashboards, charts, graphs and tools that are right for you, based on your personal launch plan

Week Four – The Aftermath

  • Topic: “Now what?” Examples of some launch postmortems, and what your next steps should be after your initial success (or not-quite success) – how do you kick a good launch into even higher gear, or turn a bad launch around?
  • Interaction: Small-group video calls to explore possible outcomes and how to optimize, adapt, or pivot
  • Individual call: Decision tree to make the most of whatever results you get from your launch strategy.

All sessions are currently full, but we will be announcing our summer schedule very soon. Fill out the form at the right (or, on mobile, the form below) to be notified when registration opens!

What are people saying about Your Best Launch?

“Tammi helped me plan my best launch ever. While I didn’t get into Amazon’s top 100 (unrealistic expectation for my pen name and existing audience), I did earn the best-seller tag in my sub-category for a few days. I also sold more copies than I did during previous launches, and I reached and exceeded both the rank and income I was targeting for this launch, so I’m very pleased. I will keep tweaking and improving my future launches using the information that Tammi shared with me during our one-on-one sessions. Having a savvy writer and marketer like Tammi look at my specific situation and post clear, detailed, step-by-step instructions on the Trello boards that she set up for each of my pen names was PRICELESS. Tammi’s courses (especially the one-on-one sessions) are awesome.”
-Caro Bégin, erotica and thriller author